Justin Forcier

Full Stack Developer


Space Lich Omega 2

Browser RPG
AngularJS, Node.js, Firebase, HTML5, CSS3

Space Lich Omega 2 is my latest personal project. It is an incremental RPG that was inspired by the game Candy Box. The player goes through many levels collecting items and defeating enemies. The project was released on February 1st, 2016. It is a sequel to a Space Lich Omega which I developed a few years ago. The original has had over 40,000 players to date.

The project was built with AngularJS  and it is running with a small Node.js server on a VPS. I am also using Firebase to track player statistics.

Similar Music

Web App
AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, Skeleton

Similar Music uses AngularJS and the Spotify API to find users music that is related to their interests. On this project I focused on learning best practices of AngularJS and the MVC structure. This project was released in February 2015.

League Stats

Web App
AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap

League Stats allows the user to search a players match history for the game League of Legends using the RIOT Games API. I had to get a bunch of data from the API and then organize it repeatedly in a similar fashion so I used Angular to help.

The user can view a players past 10 game match history and their averages. They can also see the players current rank in ranked games, as well as the champions, and their respective stats, used in those games.

** Due to changes in the RIOT API, there may be broken names and images.